The position of the children bodies and the appropriate school furniture.

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    Children are the most important potential of our society. Therefore, our efforts  as adults need to focus on how to care for them and how to help them to grow into healthy and complete individuals. The right development of the musculature skeleton system in children plays an important role for this.The right stand means a solid and healthy spine. How the child sits all day at school all day long  basically determines whether he or she will have the correct position of the body in the future. And this directly affects children`s personal self-esteem. The correct physical development guarantees an excellent start to build a sustainable mentality and good health.
    In this train of thought, school furniture is often underestimated as a major factor in the conditions for correct growth in children. We at "Mebel Factor" support the thesis that incorrectly selected furniture helps the occurrence of spinal distortions in children, and therefore their care should be taken with extreme care by us as adults.
    During childhood the kids spine has not completed its definitive development.  It will happen at 18 - 19 years old. Children spend lots of hours over the desk at school or at the desk at home while doing homework.This, in turn, makes the choice of furniture extremely important.

         The principle underlying this choice ,is the adequate height of the furniture. Height is determined by the age of the child.It is important in a sitting position that the child's feet are firmly set on the ground and the knees form a right angle with the floor. The torso and hips, in turn, form a second right angle. This has to be the correct position of the body while sitting. If we keep that in mind we will protect children from scoliosis and / or myopia. As far as the desk is concerned, it should be at least 70 to 50 centimeters wide so that it can fit to any pupils` needs, so that they have enough space to put both of their elbows on its edges.
      We should not underestimate the other "enemy" of children's health in the classroom - The myopia. It is an optic eye disorder that prevents vision from a good distance looking. In order to protect our kids against that, the so-called "optical hygiene" must be observed, which means a precise and sufficient distance between the eyes of the child and the open textbooks on the desk . The distance should not be less than 35 cm. Also a good lighting is needed and mandatory rest every 40 minutes.
    Considering these important parameters, the body position will be correct, the back will not be in the wrong position, which in turn will lead to correct and healthy physical development of the children's body.
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Our company "Mebel Factor" offers safe, rounded edges on its school tables and suitable chairs.Also you can get them in different types of sizes according to the age of the child. The required heights are specified in BDS-EN 1729 and are based on ergonomic testing for children across the whole European Union. Dimensions are periodically updated upon the acceleration of different generations.

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